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Vacuum Manifold

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Vacuum Manifold

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 Model Number

A08- Vacuum Manifold

Working Theory:
This vacuum manifold equipment is a popular pre-treatment technique that has been widely applied in solid phase extraction (SPE). It is basically developed from LLE principle and it also combines application of HPLC and GC. Solid phase extraction (SPE), according to its principle, can be separated to four categories´┐ŻRP-SPE, NP-SPE, IE-SPE, and SPE (Adsorption). In most cases, SPE is used in liquid sample processing for extraction, condensation, and purification. Solid phase extraction has practical applications in biological liquid, such as urine, blood, blood serum; analysis of food processing such as milk, wine, and juice. Other applications include PAHs and PCBs organic substance analysis, antibiotic and clinical medical analysis.

This equipment of SPE has benefits of safety, high effectiveness, convenience, and less use of organic solvents. Its flexible settlement enables more convenient and easy operation. The basin is made of material of chemically resistant and vacuum-safe glass to provide excellent throughput.

A. Clearly marked ports and racks to ensure correct positioning of collection vessels.
B. Compatible with standard SPE and filtration columns.
C. Individually controlled stopcocks to permit flow control at each position.
D. Basin is made of chemically resistant and vacuum-safe glass.
E. Clear glass basin allows observation of fluids as they pass through columns.
F. Different types of rack to accommodate 12, 16 or 24 samples through collection columns.

A. Standard glass basin
B. Collection rack that can accommodate 12, 16, 24 operating samples
C. Standard collection column

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